Our team

At R+ Cash Lab we help transfer research results to the industry and advise entrepreneurs in the valuation and implementation of their projects.

R+ Cash Lab team


  • To improve the efficiency and success rate in the process of transferring results of scientific research to the business world.

  • To encourage the creation of startups through the valuation of innovative projects and tailored financial consulting services.


  • We have an international team of experts in the business world, university professors and researchers specialized in finance, innovation and startups.

  • We offer personalized consulting and help you contextualize your ideas in the business world.

Dr. Irene Comeig

Associate Professor, Corporate Finance

Dr. Alicia Mas Tur

Associate Professor, Business Management

Dr. Federico Ramírez

Prof. Contratado Doctor, Finanzas Corporativas

Lucía Pinar

Research Assistant, Economic Analysis

Pau Sendra

Research Assistant, Corporate Finance

Lucía PinarOUR TEAM